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Carrie Powers


M.Ed, OCT, Orton Gillingham (OG) tutor

Since 1996, Carrie has been making a difference in her  students' lives. She believes in educating each child using a holistic approach and working from their strengths. Her love for children, teaching experience and Master of Education in Special Education sets every child up for success. Get in touch with Carrie today to learn more about her unique Private Tutoring Service!

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Partner in Learning

Does your child...

1. Struggle with reading?

2. Have a learning disability?

3. Have anxiety?

4. Have trouble making friends?

5. Have difficulty doing homework or studying for a test?

Professional Services


  • Reading support 

  • Writing strategies

  • Academic support (organization, study skills)

  • Math support (strategies)

  • Social Emotional support (anxiety, stress)


Partner in Learning is committed to finding out where your child is at in the learning process before designing lessons tailored to each child's needs.


We offer the following assessments:



 1. Literacy Grade Level Assessment

 2. Student Learning Needs

 3. Multiple Intelligences Checklist

 4. Student Interest & Inventory

 5. Child/Parent intake form




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Education Plan

After assessment is complete, an education plan is created with specific learning goals in all areas of development; intellectual, emotional and social. Student and family input in this process is key to creating an effective education plan. 

Language & Math Tutoring

Hands-on, multi-sensory lessons tailored to each student's learning needs and goals are offered. In addition, lessons to boost a student's self-confidence, self-esteem and help navigate different social situations are available. 

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Toronto, ON, Canada

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